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Over 4 years ago, Cayley Vos began the internet quest, and attempted to build an e-commerce website. Creating the website was not terribly difficult, but getting good ranking on the free search engines remained elusive.

After trying free for all links pages, submitting to 10,000 search engines, buying automated submission programs and stuffing everything but the turkey the website was no better off than the beginning.

That is where years of selective testing, and hundreds of hours doing online research in newsgroups and discussion forums taught the lessons of search engine optimization. This was hard earned knowledge, as 90 out of every 100 words written about search engine promotion were worthless.

Vos made an amazing discovery though.

The methods for achieving good search engine placement are straightforward and not hidden. There is no magic bullet, trick, or special formula that will give you a top 10 ranking. No longer did you have to hand over your wallet and pray to the search engine gods for good rankings. The magic formula was much simpler:

Good search engine placement = website usability

Vos Pros brings over 4 years of online research to your business website and provide the only tool that has worked repeatedly: reverse engineering. By studing search engine results and analyzing the input we have figured out what to do that makes websites sing.

Vospro will optimize the content of your sites and input relevant words that your target audience is searching for. And all of our methods are search engine friendly.

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