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Tips for those who wish to DIY

Optimizing Your Website
Changes primarily graphics dominated sites to include relevant plain text. All pages should have several paragraphs of keyword rich text. Make sure it is well written! Modify graphics tags to include the keywords in embedded alt image tags. Your website should have a minimum of 5 pages. The more pages you have, the greater your chance at grabbing a top listing.

Link Exchange Program
A major portion of internet marketing is inter-site linking. For optimum results, a links page will be created. Complimentary but non-competing websites will actively be sought for link exchanges. A links page is essential for continued search engine placement.

Search Engines
This is not an exhaustive listing, but it represents the majority of websites the average web surfer from North America utilizes for their online queries. Other quality search engines exist, but they either charge a fee (e.g., only consist of specialty websites (e.g., or are meta-search engines (e.g. %95 of all traffic is generally generated from the top 4 internet search properties.

Use special software, cloaking, doorway pages, multiple mirrored domain names or hidden text to attempt to achieve good search engine placement. This is a short term strategy at best, and your website will be penalized or possibly banned for using any of these practices. Vos Promotion strictly follows the search engine Terms of Service in the google webmaster guidelines. Staying in googles good graces is key to long term marketing success.

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