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These are the monthly recurring services provided by Vos Promotion
  1. Pay-per-Click Search Engine Program
    Submit your site to the Pay-Per-Click engine Overture.
    We choose the bid search terms to enter.
    We choose which engines and bid amounts.
    Write title and description submitted to the engine.
    It usually takes 2-3 days for Overture affiliates to list your pages.
    Pay-per-click fees are not included.
    We answer any bid and PPC questions you have.
    For more information: Pay-Per-Click Engines.
    Research & Submit Search Terms
    Search terms with bid amounts will be suggested for new Overture accounts. Current accounts are reviewed with suggestions for new terms and modification of current terms and bid amounts.

  2. Monthly Link Popularity Campaign
    Find relevant but non-competitive sites to exchange links with.
    Place these links on your link exchange page and monitor the link exchanges to ensure your links are active on external sites.
    This improves link popularity, an important ranking factor for Google.

  3. Monthly Site Traffic Analysis
    We add a traffic analysis program to your site.
    Receive a monthly report giving Pageviews and Unique Visitors.
    Most requested pages, Opt-out pages and Top paths.
    Referring domains/search engines/URLs and source countries.
    Surfers software: browser versions and screen resolutions.

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